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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Merit Raises for Vatican Employees

In response to a reporter inquiring of him how many people work in the Vatican, Pope John XXIII replied, “Oh, no more than half of them.”

Economists around the world are delighted to learn that Pope Benedict XVI has turned to market economics to solve the problem Pope John XXIII outlined in his famous quip. One must wonder, however, if the normal laws of economics will work for a group that includes many who have taken a vow of poverty.


Friday, November 23, 2007

Pope Restores Tradition of Sacred Music at Mass

Dear Intrepid Mother,

Will this mean an end to bongo drums and guitars at Mass? How can we really get into a Mass without a good toe-tapping beat?

I say, "If it ain't baroque, don't fix it."

Groovy Catholic
LaJolla, CA

Dear Groovy,

If you remembered to turn off your IPOD during Mass this morning, perchance you heard the gospel story of Jesus cleansing the temple in order to restore it as a "house of prayer."

It strikes me that it is no mere coincidence that our dear pope used this gospel lesson as the backdrop for restoring the tradition of sacred music at Holy Mass. It is natural that parts of our modern culture sneak into even the sacred realm, and it is right that from time to time the Vicar of Christ turn over a few tables in order to restore our most beautiful prayer, the Holy Mass, to its former sacredness.

Will this mean an end to bongo drums and guitars at Mass?
Let us pray.

While your feet may be a bit forlorn at the thought of replacing the rhythm of the bongo drums and guitars so familiar to Catholics under a certain age with some really old golden oldies, you might be surprised to learn that there are Catholics around the world leaping with joy at this restoration of sacred music in the Mass. I suspect that you may change your tune once you have experienced the timeless beauty of Bach lifting your heart heavenwards.

If you had ever seen a six-year-old child, who only moments before had been battling dragons and squirrels (and probably the neighbor's cat), suddenly become angelic by simply chanting "Oremus", you would know what I mean. Sacred music lifts the spirits in a way M.C. Hammer just can't touch.

Be not afraid; a little remedial faith formation may help you get your groove back.


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